Using Drivesys® Split Stone Basalt

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Driveways MiddlesexHere at Anthony Read, there’s only one thing  we love more than discovering new materials that are both time-saving and look fantastic, and that’s the satisfaction of finishing a job that both our client and our team are delighted with. When the two are combined, we’re over the moon.

We’ve just finished installing a new driveway for a client of ours in Feltham, Middlesex, using one of our new favourite materials, Drivesys® Split Stone, and the results are stunning.

Drivesys® is a brilliant, authentic-looking alternative to natural stone, which can be both expensive and involve a lot of maintenance. Drivesys® Split Stone has the edge over many other stone imitation materials for driveways as the moulds they are made from are hand crafted, meaning the blocks look incredibly realistic.


Beautiful, natural colours for Middlesex Driveways

Our customer in Feltham decided to go with the Basalt colour option, which is a brilliant choice for a classic look, but Drivesys® also come in Grey Green which can really enhance a contemporary style. As well as coming in different colours, the Split Stone blocks also come in five complementary sizes for our customers to choose from to create the perfect driveway. The choice is yours!

One of our favourite things about using Drivesys® for this project was the amount of time it saved us. The fact that it’s been specifically designed to be easy to work with meant that our latest customer couldn’t believe that their brand new driveway cost so much less than they had expected. What’s more, the resin jointing compound means that our customer in Feltham is going to have to do very minimal maintenance, giving Drivesys® Split Stone an edge in the long term.

Is Drivesys® right for you?

If you live in the Middlesex area and have been thinking about giving your driveway a new lease of life, give us a ring. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with landscape gardening, from driveways to patios, and we’ll answer any questions you might have and give you a no-obligation quote.