Patios Middlesex: Design & Installation

Patio Middlesex
A new pergola and patio Middlesex

Do you ever look out at your Middlesex garden and wonder how it would look with a beautiful new patio?

It doesn’t have to be the huge job you might think: if you get the right team on the job, you could be looking out at a completely different scene in a couple of months’ time. Give us a call for a free no-obligation quote and get the ball rolling!

Freshen up your garden

A new patio can completely transform your outside space, giving you a pleasant environment in which to relax or entertain friends.

What’s more, patios are far easier to maintain than lawn. Simply wash them down once every couple of weeks and they’ll look as fresh as the day they were laid.

Already have a patio but don’t really think it’s cutting the mustard? Our talented landscaping team can update and refresh your patio if your budget is a little tight.

Add value

If you’re thinking about selling your house but you’re worried that the garden is letting you down, give us a call. A new patio can make all the difference and boost those all-important first impressions. Selling your house is about selling a lifestyle, so make sure potential buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the beautiful garden.


Are you not quite sure what to do with your garden? Wondering what’s possible and what’s not? We have acres of experience in making the most out of even the smallest spaces. So even if you don’t think you have room for a patio, try us.

Get in touch for advice and/or your free, no obligation quote. If you’re quick, you’ll enjoy our exclusive 20% discount on all patios and driveways installed in January and February 2015.