Landscaping projects in Twickenham

landscaping Twickenham
All finished! And within just 10 days – Twickenham, Middlesex

A while ago, we were set a challenge. A customer in Twickenham had a relatively small outside space to work with and they wanted a specific landscaping finish.

Most of all, they wanted a garden that they could be proud of – a garden which required minimum maintenance and looked great all year round.

Oh, and we had less than two weeks to complete the project.

We love a landscaping challenge!

We’ve completed plenty of landscaping projects in Twickenham so we already had great ideas and fantastic local suppliers on speed dial.

We started by installing beautiful brickwork along the middle and right-hand side of the garden, and laying paving slabs to the lower level, complete with drainage to get rid of any rainwater.

landscaping Twickenham
Walling, steps and drainages channel – Twickenham

Then we added in some sturdy steps up to the next level which was to benefit from our soft landscaping skills.

We incorporated a small bed with drainage along the side so that the customer could grow border plants to brighten up the outside space all year round.

Finally, we installed a modern circular area of lawn with attractive brickwork to the edges and beds to the back.

The result?

landscaping Twickenham
Hard landscaping finished! Twickenham, Middlesex

Well, you can see for yourself that the garden has been completely transformed.

The customer now has a beautiful space in which to enjoy the summer sun, and they won’t have to spend hours upon hours maintaining it.

It just goes to show what you can achieve with a great landscaping team, a few days’ effort and a healthy dose of inspiration.

What do you think? Can we do something similar for you? Get in touch if you’re tired of wasting that precious outside space.